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Consider The Possibilities

By George Porter

Do you believe in "Murphys Law"? Well if you don't yet you soon will! Hud has been very busy this year and the summer and fall have produced some interesting results. There are of course the three new wind zones, requiring different construction and installation standards for each one. These have replaced the original two zones. There are also three new thermal zones to replace the previous two. The only thing that has not changed (yet) are the three roof load zones.

Now I am not a mathematician so I called two people that are and they said that this means that there are 27 !!!! different ways to build the same floorplan of a single home. What do you think the possibility is of you getting one of those combinations that you can't sell at your dealership?

Suppose you are manufacturing in the state of North Carolina around Statesville for instance. There are several factories there and if you go 75 miles to the north you will be in thermal zone 3. If you go 75 miles to the south you'll be in thermal zone 1.

If you stay in Statesville you will be in thermal zone 2, so they have to make all 3 thermal zones there because they ship the homes both north and south. North Carolina also contains all three wind zones. The factories there only make one roof load so that means that out of one plant you have 9 different ways to get the same floorplan.

Suppose your lot is over the N.C. border in Virginia, what do you suppose the possibility is of getting a home that you could not use in Virginia? If you got a thermal zone 1 or 2 you would not be able to place it in the state, what would you do with it?

The manufactures are well aware of this potential problem and they are being as careful as they can be but they are human the same as you. You better check each home out when it is delivered to you to be sure it is right. This is going to happen to someone, don't let it be you.