Manufactured Housing Resources George Porter


"Now, all Goff set ups are made according to the gospel of George Porter. I save tens of thousands of dollars per year in service."

Edward R.Goff
Goff Manufactured Homes Campbellsville, Kentucky


Manufacturer Services Government Services Retailer Services State Association Services

Manufacturer Services Manufacturer Services
  • Develop installation evaluation procedures for tracking installation problems
  • Train service and installation retailer personnel on factory manuals
  • Review and revise factory installation manuals
  • Review production procedures to reduce installation related problems
  • Develop training programs for factory service personnel
  • Write and produce training videos for installation and service
  • Investigate installation problems for legal and warranty disputes
  • Serve as expert witness for legal matters concerning installation
  • Represent manufacturers at trade shows

Government Services Government Services
  • Supply complete program for training, testing, certification, and state licensing of installers
  • Offer continuing education for licensed installers
  • Conduct training seminars for building inspectors
  • Review existing installation regulations
  • Develop new installation legislation
  • Institute inspection programs and procedures
  • Develop disaster mitigation reports concerning manufactured housing

Retailer Services Retailer Services
  • Equip and train installation crew
  • Evaluate subcontractors
  • Conduct special seminar for sales people on proper manufactured housing installation
  • Develop contract pricing for set-up
  • Serve as expert witness on installation legal matters

State Association Services State Association Services
  • Convention speaker
  • Installation seminars
  • Development of state installation legislation and programs
  • Development of installation contracts and other related documents for member use
  • Testimony for zoning hearings