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You Haven't Seen It All Yet

By George Porter

Just when you think you have seen it all and that there is nothing new or surprising you run across something called a SP 2000 foundation and tiedown system.

I have been using concrete blocks or steel stands forever and I never thought there would be never be anything much different than that to support homes. You can imagine my opinion when Richard Sloan of Titan Products in Birmingham MI. told me he had a way of putting homes on 3 inch dia. pipes driven into the ground and that when you used this you didn't need any anchors! RIGHT... A house sitting on fence posts!..That should work! Well, in spite of my lack of enthusiasm Mr. Sloan produced engineering data from T. R. Arnold and Assoc. and a testimonial letter from a lady whose 1,056 sq. ft. home had been sitting on these things since 1980 and has not settled at all since the day it was installed. He also brought out videos of tests that showed 4 of these pipes holding a platform with 36,000 lbs on it! They used a dial indicator to measure the settling. One pier dropped .035 inches. (That's the gap of a spark plug!)

In other tests it cut set-up time in halve and it can be installed in frozen ground. This means you can work all year long even where the earth freezes 5 ft deep. Each pier takes 60 seconds to install and resists a side pull of 6000 lbs "This ain't no fence post". OK, so I was wrong, maybe this a pretty neat idea but what does it cost? It comes to $ 50 per pier or $1800 for a big multi-section with 36 assemblies under it.

This is frost-free, includes anchoring and can be installed in the dead of winter up north. Add up what it would take to do this any other way and this is cheap.

This is in the final stages of testing and development but there is the strong possibility that this may be the answer to wind zones II and III sets and some FEMA areas as well as everyday installations. Good stuff! I guess I haven't seen it all yet.